How to fix Suddenlink internet service.


How to fix Suddenlink internet service.

If you have Suddenlink internet service. Here are a few ways to make sure you have stable and reliable internet.

  1. Replace the Suddenlink all in one router/modem with your own modem/router/wifi. I have the Netgear Nighthawk CM1200 modem. You will need to call Suddenlink tech support to have them change settings on their end. Replacing the Suddenlink modem will also save you about 10.00 dollars a month.
  2. If you have 1G internet service, you will need to purchase a 1G compatible router. I have the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4
  3. You will also need to add wireless access points, if your home is larger than 1,200 SF I recommend one access point at each end of the home. I used the Ubiquiti in-Wall access points.
  4. After purchasing the proper networking equipment, not provided by Suddenlink. You will notice the difference in uptime and coverage.

If you don’t feel comfortable replacing networking equipment, give us a ring, will help out.

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