Low Voltage Contractor East Texas


Data Center Field Tech in Texas

Data Center Onsite Hands

Need boots on the ground? We provide onsite engineer support all over Texas. Rack and Stack options for MSPs and IT Consulting firms.

Warehouse WI-FI system
Cisco Meraki Installation in Texas

Cisco Meraki in a commercial warehouse.

Texas Technology Integrators ran CAT6 to each access point location. We also configured the Cisco Meraki access points.

RV Park Wireless Solutions
RV Park Wireless Solutions

Ubiquiti Stack for RV Park Application

Texas Technology Integrations designed and installed a full Ubiquiti Network stack. We installed a Nanobeam setup for the backhaul communication, we then attached Mesh Pro’s to provide reliable WIFI to the guests of the park.

Wilson Pro Installation in East Texas
Wilson Pro Installation in East Texas

WIlson Pro Cell Phone Booster

Texas Technology Integrators installed this Wilson Pro cell phone boosted out in rural Bullard, Texas. The booster significantly boosted the AT&T signal coming off local towers.

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