Ubiquiti Certified Installer in Longview,Texas

Ubiquiti Certified Installer in Longview,Texas

Texas Technology Integrators is a Ubiquiti Certified installer providing services in Longview, Texas. We have a large portfolio of point-to-point and point to multipoint installations. We have used Ubiquiti networks equipment on several installations including large acreage video surveillance to enterprise-level Wi-Fi Networks.

Ranch and Large Lots Installations: Ubiquiti’s advanced configurations can help provide internet service to areas where running cable is not possible. Whether you are trying to get internet services to a guest house, or perhaps on poles around your property to give you video surveillance.

Hospitality Enterprise Level Wireless Coverage: Ubiquiti has helped us provide fast and secure wired and wireless networks to some of our largest hospitality clients. From RV parks to high-end hotels, we have been able to provide fast and reliable guest networks. Find out how Texas Technology Integrators and Ubiquiti can assist you on your next project.

Schools: Texas Technology Integrators has installed campus-wide networks for private and public schools. Our certified engineers have worked with the Longview school district to provide fast and reliable wireless coverage.

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